So – it’s over….(sniff, sniff)

Eye Candy Workshops – 5 weeks finished.  5 of the most absorbing, wonderful weeks of my photographic life.  I’ve learned so much doing this course and can’t recommend it strongly enough.  It was very full on – more so than I expected.  But that’s ok.  It stretched me and made me into a different person. I’ll know better what to expect in the next ‘online’ or ‘forum’ based course.

I’m excited to be doing a ‘Love your camera‘ course in May – that will help my foundational learning.  Then it’s on to whatever is next!

Now I will start putting in photo’s of life/processing – anything I feel to share as I journey and learn!

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2 Responses to So – it’s over….(sniff, sniff)

  1. Jody Ryan says:

    Hi Jen, so happy to see you up and running. I look forward to reading more on your amazing journey. Yes, sob sob it’s over for now but EC will always be there for us XXX Jody

  2. Danielle says:

    Hi Jen,
    Glad I found you here on your lovely blog !
    ‘Love your Camera’ sounds great !
    Wish I could do it with you !
    I am doing something similar in Sydney later in the year Margo recommended it and I cannot wait.
    Gosh my day was quiet yesterday without a Task to complete !
    But nice in a kind of get back to normal way !
    Love and Hugs danielle XX

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