Location #2

location #2 was beside the road at an apple tree.  it was such a beautiful spot.  i loved it.

now – once again, these are extremely basic edits….the ‘polished ones’ will come once i do my course.

a friend who I respect very much pointed out the importance of making sure all the photo’s ‘gel’ together.  i know the last 3 certainly don’t – but I struggled (in my inexperience) to make them fit and yet show the true colour.

the children were gorgeous…even my darling girl!  i loved this shoot and hope you do and feel free to comment again – i love reading your comments and learning from you….

the setting....

my favorite...

sweetness...but a little over exposed

....another favorite...

..i know 🙂 - more a portrait but i couldn't resist!

finer detail

my little cherub

..and again

another one i really like

more fine detail

sweet little stella

a little detail

four little sweethearts

sweet kai - but colours all wrong

sleeve detail

just a little more fun and detail

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6 Responses to Location #2

  1. Dutch Emma says:

    Hi Jen! I love your pictures! It looks like everyone had a lot of fun. Certainly better than shooting an unwilling 2-year-old, I can tell you so much 🙂

    You were asking for some comments, so here goes. The only thing I don’t really like are cut off limbs, but maybe that’s just personal preference. I like head shots, torso pics, zoomed in on details photos, but not so much the ones where the legs are missing from the thighs/knees down. Apart from that: I wish I could take these kind of photos. Sigh.

    • Thanks so much for your thoughts Emma. I guess the only difference in a shoot like this is that we are trying to get some clothing detail as apposed to full length shots if that makes sense. I am a little curious now though and will go and check what the ‘real’ photog did! Thanks so much for your lovely, lovely comments….and your honesty!

  2. melriddell says:

    These are delightful, and I think you are improving by leaps and bounds! There are some beautiful compositions and the light is so lovely. Well done! x

  3. Tina DaSilva says:

    I love the “doing” shots. Reaching for the apple in the trees, little open hand trying to catch a falling apples, it’s like your photos are telling a story. They could be neighbourhood friends all out stealing apples from the neighbours trees. LOVE the “my little cherub” photo….ah bliss!

    • Thanks again Tina! I am actually quite proud of these now…. it’s amazing what positive feedback will do! Thank you for taking the time to look and critique – I really appreciate it.

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