day 18 – my shoes

there is so often a story behind a photo.  in this case these boots have been with me forever (well it feels like it!) – i can’t believe they are diana ferrari – but they are. they’ve never been a ‘fashion item’ for me – just amazing hard workers! there is a small bit out of the sole of the left one just up near where my big toe sits – that was from a chainsaw that thankfully stopped where it did! (long story)! they are loved and treasured…and they need some love at the moment – but they are my shoes of memories! xxx

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One Response to day 18 – my shoes

  1. Danielle says:

    OMG….Jen I used to have these EXACT boots………WOW amazing……….I know they have been with you for a while as I remember when I got t mine and my ones died A LONG TIME ago you REALLY look after your shoes…..LOL
    Hugs Danielle XX

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