week 1 of 52 – ‘grateful’ – ebony

Ebony….the song of my heart – the breath of my soul. There were times when I never thought you would be – but you are. You are my reason for ‘grateful’ – you are my reason for every single day. Your eyes enchant me – your smile melts my heart – the way you dance makes me feel alive – your gorgeous dark eyes are framed by your jet black hair. Never did I think my daughter would be so different to me but I’m so glad you are – you make me think about what is really important. You love fiercely and trust completely – after not knowing how to love or trust at all. Your smile lights a room – your passion for life will take you places I will forever dream of for you. You make me grateful for each and every day I’ve been blessed to have you in my life. How I wish I had been able to look at your baby smile and your first tooth – your first tear and your first giggle. But I couldn’t….all I can do is look at the you I have today and feel like the luckiest person on this whole planet.

Grateful for you

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