week 3 of 52 – ‘grateful’ – my hands

Week 3 – My hands

The ones that have been with me for 51+ years.  The ones that have much wisdom within them.

They have held and loved everything from newborn babies to my gorgeous parents and grandparents.  They have made many, many mistakes – but they have gained from those mistakes. 

They are starting to show their wear – but like a good pair of old shoes – I wouldn’t swap them for anything. 

They have guided me through life.  They have felt the joy of skin to skin contact and the sweetness of rain falling on them.  They have felt the warmth of the sun and the bite of snow.  They have glided through my beautiful daughter’s hair and they have suffered through not being about to reach out and help when they have wanted to. 

The have felt the sand run through them in many different countries and they have held the hand of a friend in need. 

There is so much I could say about these imperfect hands.  But they are my friends – I am truly grateful for all they have experienced….and all that lay ahead for them.

My hands

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