week 4 of 52 – ‘grateful’ – my valley

Week 4 – My Valley

The Kiewa Valley in North East Victoria.

For this place I am so grateful.  For this view I am in awe.

We loved this place from the first time we visited.  We came here for some 8 years before we bought land here. 

We had friends laugh at as when, every year we came, we would look for land.  They never though we would do it.

We even bought a second block and planned to build on it – live there while we built our forever home.

When we went through the adoption process we were told we shouldn’t take a child from a foreign country and bring her to a small country town.

We sold the second block then, but I could never actually sell the one we now live on.  Eventually – just 3 months before Ebony was placed in our arms – we moved here.  We went against the advice of the Department of Human Services and we’ve NEVER looked back.

It took time for me to actually feel like this was home – I so missed my ‘girlfriends’.  But the way this town embraced our little girl – and have continued too – has been worth every single moment of fear or doubt.

I love this valley – it is my home – my haven – my place of peace and joy.  The place we brought our beautiful little girl home to….the place of the most beautiful memories of my life

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