day 52/365

the saying is that ‘every picture tells a story’ and boy does this one.  you are sitting on top of the luggage on a trolley waiting in yet another cue.  thailand immigration is horrible – 45mins of just standing in cues – no toilets – no water.  that and the silly rule about no more than 100ml of water on the plan!  we went through all the ‘control’s’ before we finally got into the final area before we enter the plane – bought some water – only to walk around the corner to go down the walkway to the actual plane….and had it taken of us.  not much has made me cross – but that did!  it’s ridiculous.  we’d already been through the checks – i’m sure they give it back to the shop and take a cut!  we then got on the plane and were delayed for 45 mins because someone wasn’t allowed to fly and their luggage had to be removed and we had no water.  poor eb was over it by then!

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