day 81~365

tonight when we were sitting inside, a little firetail finch hit one of our windows and didn’t survive.  you were quite sad and wouldn’t put it down for ages.  you even drew a picture for it…….

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4 Responses to day 81~365

  1. Ow, that is so sad. She’s holding it so carefully with such respect. Am looking forward to going back and seeing some of your other posts! Good on you for getting back on it! Life does get so super busy its hard to squeeze any more seconds out of the day.

    • She is such a funny little thing – she is keeping a cricket in a container at the moment even though I keep telling her it will get sick – yet she couldn’t stand to see this poor dead bird left outside! I have been getting every day done but just not getting the time to edit and then post! hopefully i can stay on track for a while! xx thanks for stopping by – really appreciate you xx

  2. Kylie Giggins says:

    Oh the poor darling, she would have been so upset. What a gentle soul to hold it for so long.

    • She is Kylie – although if you read my reply to Tricia below you’ll see that she still hasn’t worked out what sickness and death mean. Mind you, there’s a whole lifetime to find out about that – i’m in NO hurry! xx

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